2 week countdown…

We have finished an extremely busy couple of weeks with KT doing his computer contracting work, attending a family wedding and still trying to complete other tasks before we fly out on our 64 day holiday.

We are now at LESS THAN 2 WEEKS away from flying out on our dream holiday. The excitement is building at the ‘to do’ list is growing shorter and longer. I am ticking things off as I go, but for each item I tick off I realise there are extra things that I have forgotten.


This weekend we are sorting out the medical things we need — a letter from the GP for various medications and such as well as getting our yellow fever vaccinations (not looking forward to that one).

However, I have:

– found my backpack (buried in my parents garage);
– bought some active wear which will help us hike and trek on our trip (keep us dry and cool and not stinky);
– bought a Portuguese phrasebook and found my Spanish phrasebook;
– informed everyone of our travel plans and left copies of important documents, printed off any copies of documents we may need to carry with us.

It doesn’t seem like a big dent in the ‘to do’ list but with some of the major events finished (i.e. wedding) I now also have a lot more time so it doesn’t feel so scary.

Work is winding up for the year (for me at least, with KT still running around like a madman trying to finish everything for his business).

With only 12 days before we fly out… I’m feeling EXCITED



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